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We call all the shots until nothing is up to us anymore.

At least that’s the fantasy we plunge in.

We’re waiting for others to make decisions until they never do. There’s something liberating about shifting the responsibility away, but only until we surrender again to the need for complete control. Who has the time to wait forever, anyway?

I always found it the hardest to meet at crossroads of options. There’s only one best way to go, but taking it means making tough decisions. After a long, consuming wait, who’s brave enough to walk the extra miles?

We take the road less bumpy.

In a while, we look back over our shoulder to make sure the crossroads are still on the map. We hope to still have options, and we always do. Mostly, options other than the initial ones. What option will wait forever, anyways?

Sometimes, its wonderful to only have one option, despite what everyone else sees.
Sometimes, it’s wonderful to wait forever for that only option.
Sometimes, one option has always been the only one.