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I advocate for happiness, but I won’t define it for you.
I trust that you know exactly how it feels, smells, talks and listens. I know you’ve dreamed about it many times. You’ve imagined how it makes you feel, and that moment was everything.

So build your happiness, look forward to it with every step you take, and trust yourself that you can master it.

If it helps in any way, I promise that I’ll be busy doing the same. Always. Non-stop. No matter the weather, regardless of insecurities, deaf to the voices that shout surrender or whisper weakness.

Embrace your advantages and educate your gaps. Grow. Believe that you can be wise and become it. Use whatever strength you have to improve. Be patient with yourself, because very few others will be. A better version of yourself is in that picture of happiness, isn’t it?

Whenever you’re happy, share it. It’s easy to help unhappy people, because they need so little to feel better. A crowd will volunteer to hear your failures. Look up to the few who save their cheers for your sun. Only somebody kind, honest and true will understand your happiness and will be inspired by it.

What is your happiness?

Mine starts with a smile, laughter and eyes that look forward to tomorrow.