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People are like books.

Some we look at in the library and find attractive by their covers. We take them home, make a cup of tea, and look forward to their awesomeness. As we read, we find ourselves wandering anywhere but through their pages. We may read them till the end simply because we were brought up in a non-quitting spirit, or we may put them aside. On some occasions, we may go back to them and resume our reading, hoping to feel a connection. We’re surprised by our different look at the plot and we keep reading, ultimately referring to them as one of our favorites. If not, they probably never get a second chance and end up in someone else’s hands or back on the shelves, forgotten.

There are books for which we need to mature. Not simply reach a certain age, but gain a deeper understanding of the world – and ourselves – as a result of our own experience. Once we open them at the right time in our lives, they shape us and we can never go back to being who we were before reading them. These are the books worth waiting for.

Once in a while we come across books that we never forget, even if we only read them once. They are so open, so full of meaning, that we always quote them, go back to them for inspiration, praise and recommend them to others. The wonderful thing about them is that they often accompany us throughout our lives. Who cares that their covers are wrinkled? We love their content and our fingerprints on each page. We’d never trade them for brand new glossy wannabe versions.

When we travel without books from home, we choose some from the local shops. We keep hoping to find wonders between their lines, we avidly turn pages, but most of the times we forget them in the seat pocket or carry them home as a gesture of politeness.

And, of course, there are the books we have to read. They are mandatory in various courses we take throughout our lives, and we cannot avoid them. Some we love and some we cannot wait to put back on the shelf and open only to wipe out the dust, mimicking some sort of relationship. Sometimes we even pray to never have to look through them again; the world they describe is much too revolting for our chosen understanding of it.

Bestsellers are tricky. Some are worth reading, because they become reference points to us or because they are a great help in socializing. Others, though, managed to gain their popularity by voicing a scandalous opinion or simply by being… well, simple. Most people fall for easy-to-read stories, so these books are just what they need.

The typology of books is inexhaustible. There is so much that we can learn from each page, with or without reading them. Surprisingly or not, there is no secret to reading, just as there probably isn’t one to discovering people.