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Imagine that your life is a book.
Imagine your years as its chapters.
Are you happy with the characters you’ve included in it?
Are you enjoying the plot?
Do you get shivers as you turn some pages?
Are you looking forward to the next chapters?
Can you predict the events or would you prefer that the author remains unknown in its intentions?

If you were given a blank page, what would you change in the story?

What do you feel is missing?
How can you improve the storyline?

Beginnings are blank pages, but they have to continue something that’s already been written.
I wonder if this new chapter can start with more confidence in the main character’s power to manage life with understanding, patience and love.
I wonder if, as we start writing, we can be wiser with our fears, guilt and excuses.

I look forward to reading this next chapter and hope that I will be brave enough to write most of it myself.