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I feel, therefore I act.
I don’t look for validations of my decisions in other people’s behavior. I know why I need to make that call.
It takes me one day to make a major decision. Others may need years to never make it, but that only means we dance to different music.
I welcome the guilt that comes with being happy and then show it to the door. Perhaps that’s being rude, but I’ve earned my smiles.
Friends say they would do it differently. I listen and understand, but I do it anyway, especially if it makes me feel alive. Those who matter always end up cheering for me.
Tears? Sure, but only for a while. Once the negative energy is released, there’s so much dancing to do.
There’s so much humanity to show.
There’s so much embracing to share.
There’s so much laughing to sing.
This is a busy life to live.
There is no time for untimely shallowness.
So much love awaits its turn.


The world itself is on my side. Why would I go against it?