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She just turned 25 and she’s exhausted.

So many people managed to have an impact on her life, although she can’t remember why their opinion mattered at some point. Such a useless use of time that was.

As she sits by the fireplace enjoying a glass of Pinot Gris (her favorite wine), a sober smile lightens up her face. It’s incredible what a full life she’s had. Travels, parties, readings, education, charity, family, friends, boyfriends, perhaps-this-is-it relationships, social life, work, dedication, responsibility, hope, over-thinking, introspection, analysis, exhaustion.

She makes an effort to breathe evenly, her brain ready to explode and her heart flinching. When she was 15 and imagined her life, this was the picture. Minus the annoying feeling of having lived an entire era.

All her friends are in the other room; an incredible number of 8. She’ll only befriend people she can feel on an emotional level. Very few of her friendships stopped, but when it happened, it was mostly because she couldn’t feel them anymore; as if they grew up in emotionally different rooms.

She’ll finish her glass of wine and get back to the party. She’ll share anything with her friends and they will understand. If they don’t, they’ll try. At least they won’t judge. At least 3 of them will make an instant joke in an honestly warm attempt to put a smile on her face.

She’ll sleep for long hours. When the sun starts waking her up, life will be waiting for her to live it. And she will. She’ll love, read, travel, study, care, share, hope, over-think, analyze… until exhaustion. She’ll do all that with a sober smile on her face, a Pinot Gris in her hand and at least 8 friends in her soul.