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Can you miss people even if they’re right here?

You look at them and you miss their jokes.

You listen, but their words are not their words; they’re strangers colliding in a melody you’ve never heard before. You’d opt for silence instead.

Oh, and the eyes. Where is the look that used to make your day? Where did your reflection go?

You shake hands, you hug. Something’s missing. You don’t feel them. You feel them physically, but there’s no real connection.

You talk. Subjects you used to spend hours dwelling on, analyzing causes, effects, hypotheses… seem dumb dull.

Quick! Laugh. Say a joke.

Remember that time when you took that walk in that park on those paths familiar only to you. Remember the fun, the harmony, the you.

The memory is there, and it’s alive.

You, however, are a different story.
You, however, just became strangers.

Can you miss people even if they’re right here?
I can.